Magnesium Glycinate 400mg | Supports Bone, Muscle, Nerve, Cardiovascular & Immune Health

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It is said one of the gentlest supplements in the stomach! What is it?
Magnesium Glycinate.

Magnesium glycinate is a supplement that boost magnesium levels in people with a deficiency of the mineral.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient for regulating many body processes, including muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. This mineral also supports the making of protein, bone, and DNA.

The most efficient way to consume nutrients is in their natural forms, supplements are available to boost magnesium intake in people with low levels.

Feel relieved and get the right treatment you need for your body with Magnesium Glycinate!


✓ It has a calming effect on your brain due to the presence of glycine.

✓ It can help relieve anxiety and promote better sleep.

✓ It helps keep bones strong by maintaining healthy bone density.

Get the Best Natural sources of magnesium:

Magnesium is found in large amounts in natural, unprocessed foods. The best sources of magnesium include foods that contain dietary fiber, such as:

✓ dark green, leafy vegetables, such as Swiss chard and spinach

✓ nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin and sesame seeds

✓ seaweed

✓ beans and lentils

✓ whole, unrefined grains

✓ fish, especially halibut

The bottom Line

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps your body function properly, especially your muscular system, bones, and nervous system.

You can get a lot of your magnesium from your daily diet by including a variety of green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, and seeds and nuts.

Trust Potent Naturals to deliver the magnesium you’ve been looking for – get Magnesium Glycinate today!

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